In Memory Of Shirley Baxter

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MALIGNE_STITCH.JPG (263656 bytes)

Maligne Lake 

BALD HILLS STITCH 1.JPG (2140857 bytes)

Maligne Lake and area from the Bald Hills at Maligne Lake

MALIGNE STITCH.jpg (1978442 bytes)

Maligne Lake at Spirit Island

WILCOX STITCH.JPG (1526223 bytes)

Columbia Glacier from Wilcox Pass at the Columbia Ice Fields

SULFUR STITICH.JPG (2398247 bytes)

View from Sulfur Mountain near Miette Hot Springs

TWIN FALLS STITCH1.JPG (2888912 bytes)

View of Twin Falls  from the top of Whales Back in Yoho National Park

TWIN FALLS STITCH2.JPG (2547095 bytes)

Shirley's hiking group on top of Whales Back in Yoho National Park

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The above panoramic shots were digitally composed by Shirley Baxter . Shirley was a hiker and long time resident of Jasper National Park

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